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My OC- Little Aura by LeopardSixteen My OC- Little Aura by LeopardSixteen

Nicknamed Sany Nyan for his common insane rampages and love of poptarts, Little Aura is the younger Aura. Little Aura first appeared as an imaginary friend to Leo when she was younger, only having him appear when she was hyper. L.A. and Leo both have shape-shifting abilities into their leopard forms. L.A.’s fur is white. She gave the color because of its odd look and it seemed to match Little Aura’s crazy tendencies. With blue eyes, they can begin to glow red when beginning to lose it.

    After a few years, Leo forgot about Little Aura and left him behind, growing up without him. Because of this, L.A. doesn’t grow and will stay his elementary age of nine years forever. Years later, Leo remembered and found Little Aura, promising to protect him. Even with this promise though, L.A. is more neglected now and often overlooked by Leo. Little Aura doesn’t know of his older self even though he’s unknowingly met him before and is constantly in similar situations with him, and both Leo and Aura hope to keep it that way.

    Because L.A. hasn’t learned to control his ‘sany san’ as it is called, he often struggles with the thought that he’s bad and blames Leo for the way he is, never realizing, Leo thinks of him as perfect the way he is. L.A. is very close friends with Quinn since she has an ability to let herself become younger, specifically the same age as L.A. He doesn’t seem to notice that both people are Quinn or he just doesn’t care. L.A. also considers Halcyon his protector or guardian and feels closer to her than he does to Leo.

    L.A.’s name is constantly in question. He himself doesn’t realize that his name is a set of initials. A name that he has given himself is Ame, given after having watched a movie that Leo was watching, unknown of his presence in the room. L.A. saw himself very much in the character Ame, his shy personality and distrust of the unknown. This encouraged him to properly identify himself with the name. Leo soon discovered this though, and began calling him Little Ame, in reference to Little Aura. The name itself is rarely used but has stuck with him regardless.

    L.A.’s name has never been revealed to him or those close to him but his first and original name is Ryder. The name came from the first chapter story that Leo conceived. Though the story itself made no progress, the name stuck with her. The name was discarded only after Aura was rediscovered years later. But because of the long time span, L.A. has forgotten his real name and now only responds to L.A. when called.

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Visini Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014
so cute!!! >3<
LeopardSixteen Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks. =)
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